Paid ESL Teacher

Designed for certified teachers (TEFL, TESOL, CELTA or DELTA certified) to experience Mexico in a meaningful way.

Paid ESL Volunteers are recruited based on ESL Certification and/or teaching experience. This is the perfect way to begin your international teaching career.  HELP! teaches real-life English that students can use in a variety of everyday situations.

25 hours of teaching/week, Monday – Friday  

15 student-per-class maximum

Free acomodation in the teachers’ house or with a host family

Monthly living stipend (bonus available)

All National Holidays

4 month – 6 month contracts



Paid ESL Teachers are invited to participate in HELP!’s Teach Mexico program based on the following criteria:

* A desire to serve and teach

* High Moral standards

* Paid Volunteers must be CELTA, DELTA, ESL, TEFL or TESOL certified.

* Paid Volunteers can also be working professionals with extensive experience in the educational field.

Please contact for further information.


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