All across the world there is a tremendous need for people to be able to communicate in English and, as a result, trained and skilled English teachers are in great demand.  Being a native speaker will not guarantee you a job — you must have a TEFL/TESOL certificate and many hours of in-class experience to prove to potential employers that you have the classroom know-how to be able to work with their students.  This certification is immensely valuable in other fields as well – health services, sales, finance – because it certifies that you are a capable communicator, trainer and and can work with people whose first language is not English.


With HELP!’s certification program you will put your English skills to use and learn the skills that are required to find employment throughout the world.

Some basic definitions:

TEFL – Teaching English as a Foreign Language.
This term is used when English is being taught in a country where it isn’t the native language (for example teaching English to people Mexico).

TESL – Teaching English as a Second Language.
This is where English is taught to non-native speakers in a country where English is the native language (for example teaching immigrants to the United States).

TESOL – Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.
This term encompasses both of the above certifications and refers to the fact that many people may already speak a second or third language.

ELT – English Language Teaching.
This term is used by institutions in the U.K.

ESL – English as a Second Language.
This is often used when describing classes taken to learn English (for example, the local university offers Adult ESL classes).

Even though there are slight differences in theory, these terms are most often used interchangeably. It should not make any real difference to your future career and job prospects whether you obtain a TEFL certificate or a TESOL certificate. Heslington helps you not only receive your teaching certification but you also gain up to 200 hours of practical in-class experience that increases your job-finding potential.