“When you arrive in Tehuacán, it’s not what you expect of Mexico – no beautiful beaches – just a lot of cactus and some mountains.  The first while is always a little difficult in a new place, especially if you don’t speak the language and if you have never been to a foreign country before.  However, the people in Tehuacan are very warm.  They make you feel welcome, they have many questions about who you are and why you’re in their small city.   The students are also very friendly.  The food is amazing. I signed up to stay with Heslington for 4 months and ended up staying for just over a year.  It felt like a home away from home.  I loved it there and would love to go back when I can.  You’ll meet some of the nicest people in this city and build lifelong friendships with many locals.”  

Brittany, 2015, Paid ESL Volunteer


“I spent 4 months at Heslington in 2013 and my experience there enhanced so many skills and helped me progress into becoming a better ESL teacher. I was given the opportunity to teach the loveliest of students and I also improved my Spanish. I can say that I was privileged to have had such a lively and creative team to work with and had invaluable support and encouragement from all of the staff. I’m glad to say that I made some great friends at Heslington whom I still keep in contact with even after a year.”    

Paula, Spring 2014, Paid ESL Volunteer


“Teaching in Tehuacan was a blast! The students are fantastic and eager to learn. As a teacher you get the opportunity to eat amazing food, meet incredible people, and travel to awesome places.  You also have the opportunity to meet people from all over the world and some of these people will become some of your closet friends!”   

Jessica, Spring 2014, TESOL Certification Program


“Teaching at Heslington was such an enriching experience for me. Not only did I have awesome students, but I worked with some experienced teachers who taught me more about working in the classroom. The people there are incredible. It has been two years and I still talk to my host family and some of my former colleagues. Heslington has made a lasting impact on my life by helping me advance my career, further develop my teaching styles and philosophies, and form lasting friendships.”    

Hiram, Winter 2014, TESOL Certification Program

pyramids “While doing my internship at Heslington Language Programs I was able to work at both an elementary school as well as at an English institute. I worked with both adults and elementary students, which gave me great insight as to what age groups I would like to specialize in. At first I thought that living in a town like Tehuacan would not be so interesting but now I’m glad I didn’t end up doing a program in a huge city. The people are great and go out of their way to help you despite the language barrier.  Everyone at Help! makes sure that you have the best experience while abroad. I made great friends in Tehuacan that I still keep in touch with and I will surely be visiting soon.” 

Alex, Fall 2013, TESOL Certification Program


“Tehuacan is where I first fell in love with teaching abroad. It’s such a rewarding experience to immerse yourself in another culture, meet fellow travellers, and watch the progress of your students. The town is charming, the locals are welcoming, and Heslington becomes your family, if only for a short while. I dove into the experience unsure of what to expect and left with fond memories, good friends, and a stronger sense of self.”         

Nicole, Fall 2013, Paid ESL Volunteer

“I had a truly wonderful year working in Tehuacan. I really felt taken care of there, not only by my warm and generous host family but also by the staff at Heslington and by many other people that I met in the town. I learned lots of Spanish and fun Mexican customs and left Mexico with a sense of real connection with the place and the people.”

Hannah,  2010/11,  Paid ESL Volunteer

Jessica Heaton“What was supposed to be a 4 month teaching stint in Mexico turned into 2 years! Needless to say I more than enjoyed my time and experience in Mexico! It can be daunting to leave for a country where you do not speak the language, are not accustomed to the food and don’t know anyone! My time at HELP not only exposed me to the rich culture that Mexico has to offer, but also pushed me to adapt in ways that I did not know were possible.  The students are AMAZING – hands down!  Some became good friends, and many I still keep in contact with even though I am no longer their teacher.   I constantly am reminded that I made an impact with them and that alone made the experience worth it.  I can personally say that language acquisition is possible as I came with NO Spanish and left Mexico after 2 years being able to fully conduct myself in the language.  If I can suggest anything it would be to live with a family – this will help you familiarize yourself with your surroundings and add value to your experience.  If I could, I would go back in a heartbeat!

Sarah,  2010/11,  Paid ESL Volunteer

 “I remember the semester I spent teaching at Heslington with fondness.  Although I went out to Tehuacan alone, I felt like I was immediately welcomed into the “Heslington Family” by Adminstration and all the students at the school.  It was a joy to teach such eager and respectful students.  The classes were small and intimate, which made it easy to practice conversation and work with students one on one.  I would definitely recommend teaching with Heslington to anyone who is interested in not only traveling to Mexico, but getting to know the people and culture better.  It’s a lot of work, but worth all the effort.  If you want to make an impact on someone’s life (and your own too!), Heslington is the place for you!”

Amy, Fall 2009, Paid ESL Volunteer

Hannah and Vera

“Working at Heslington was a great experience. The teaching environment was very supportive and fun, and the curriculum materials were fantastic. It was easy for someone with little teaching experience to jump in and be an effective teacher. I also really enjoyed the opportunity to build relationships with my students and homestay family. Since returning to the United States, I have continued working with English language learners, and I credit Heslington for helping me to discover how gratifying this kind of work can be.”

Melanie, Summer 2009, Paid ESL Volunteer




“This experience is very well thought out. Everything is designed to help teachers feel comfortable and get the most out of their experience. I loved the apartment situation, the other teachers were great and having a host family for lunch gave me the “at home” feeling I needed everyday. Thanks Heslington!”

Matt, Summer 2007, Paid ESL Volunteer

“What can I say about my experience at Heslington – I will never be the same! I came looking for a cultural experience and I got more than I bargained for. For a brief while I looked into another culture and fell in love. What nice people, kind and generous! What a beautiful country! I will treasure my experience there forever.”

Robert, Summer 2006, Volunteer-Study Program


”Tehuacan is a very special city. It is beautiful, colorful and full of the most giving, kind and loving people! I feel that the greatest blessing I have received from coming and being a part of the school, and in a small way a part of the students’ lives, is definitely the joy of service.”

Tony, Summer 2004, International Volunteer Program