About Us

HELP! Heslington Language Program was founded in 2003 in Tehuacan, Puebla, Mexico by Rachael and Teo Luna.  The main objective was to provide quality English teaching to the people of Tehuacan and give them the opportunity to interact with native speakers.  Their hope was that countless members of the community would be able to build solid futures for their families as they learned English, thereby acquiring the skills necessary to relate with people from all over the world.   Today, graduates are found working in International Companies, living abroad, and building a better Tehuacan.   For over a decade, hundreds of native English speakers have come to Help! to share their knowledge with the local community and immerse themselves in the Mexican culture.   Help!’s programs are specially designed for newly-certified teachers who want Mexico to be the first step on their international journey.

Over the years we have also created new programs:

TESOL Certification (with practicum)
Volunteer-Study (learn Spanish + Volunteer) and
International Internships

At Help!, we pride ourselves in making each Participants’ international experience safe, worthwhile, memorable, and life-changing.


Nate: What is it like teaching at Heslington?
A Great Way to Gain Teaching Experience
kaitlyn: What is the best part about being in Mexico?